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Online banking for everyone

Solutions for the everyday use of Open Finance.

Welcome to the next generation

New open financial networks combine the powerful forces of peer-to-peer and open-source technology to break down barriers and open the world to an equitable future of digital finance.

Monetsu provides safe and easy access to digital currency networks with a secure and compliant online banking service . Access the wealth of digital financial technology to come, just by signing up and logging in!


Safe, secure, easy

Embracing common sensibility and appeal

Experience Financial Freedom, No Worries

Direct access to open financial networks creates the safest and most secure experience for users of digital currencies.

Distributing risk and preserving traceability for law enforcement.

Simple & Elegant

Powerful tools designed to enhance experience.


A truly open source financial system needs to be accessible by everyone. Monetsu lets you safely and easily manage your funds in the Bitcoin network. Transact with safety and confidence today and everyday!


Monetsu streamlines participation in the global digital economy, breaking down barriers Bitcoin invoicing services can’t. Merchants have access to new markets. Customers make purchases as simply as ‘liking’ the things they want. True global reach is possible!


Peer-to-peer currency is the future of a sustainable global financial system. Monestu makes sharing in this transition easier and safer than ever. Every transaction is vote for freedom from traditional banking systems. The future is in your hands!

Want to learn more?

See open finance in action with your favorite board game

Simulate the operation of a decentralized banking network with your friends using this expanded ruleset for boardgames.

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