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Open Online Banking

Solutions for the everyday use of Open Finance

Welcome to the next generation

New open financial networks combine the powerful forces of peer-to-peer and open-source technology to break down barriers and open the world to an equitable future of digital finance.

Monetsu provides direct access to digital currency networks through our secure and compliant online banking software. Enjoy the wealth of digital financial technology to come, all just by signing up and logging in!


Safe & Sound

Embracing common sensibility and appeal

Experience Financial Freedom, No Worries

Feel at ease using and sharing the latest digital currencies. Leave behind complex analogies and wallet systems with Monetsu's straightforward approach to this powerful and freeing network technology.

Monetsu gives users direct control over their funds and security, while distributing and reducing risk. This safer environment for users and business encourages legitimate use.

Simple & Elegant

Technology designed to enhance experience


Monetsu uses secure online banking software adapted specifically for digital currency networks providing compliant account management.


Experience revolutionary digital currency technology like you would your favorite online banking service, just by signing up!


Economic activity is naturally social. Monetsu leverages blockchain technology with an embedded social network to help build a global web of trust.

Want to learn more?

See open finance in action with your favorite boardgame

Simulate the operation of a decentralized banking network with your friends, using this expanded ruleset for boardgames. Manage a secure community ledger through a transaction protocol and decentralized lottery, just like the Bitcoin network!

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