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Social Online Payments
Everyday use of digital currencies for building trust

Welcome to the next generation

New open payment networks combine the powerful forces of peer-to-peer, and open-source technology to break down economic barriers and open the world to an equitable future of digital finance.

The is a truly social and peer-to-peer payment platform. It uses Blockchain technology for:

  • Direct access to digital currency payments
  • Safe and compliant account management
  • Custom security profiles
  • An integrated global web-of-trust

Safe & Secure
Leave your worries behind

Embracing common sensibility and appeal

With Monetsu you can leave behind complex analogies and wallet systems, and use our straightforward approach to:

  • Keep your funds safe and accessible
  • Feel confident using and sharing digital currency with your friends
  • Be a part of a mainstream financial revolution.

Monetsu creates a safer, legitimate environment for users and merchants to use digital currency.

Simply Elegant
Technology designed to enhance experience


Trusted and proven full online banking featureset, custom developed specifically for digital currency networks. Makes secure and compliant account management a breeze.


Experience the digital currency revolution with a revolutionary interface. Designed for the most amazing view of your money, all just by signing up and with no software to download.


Monetsu leverages blockchain technology to create an integrated private financial network, and build a global peer-to-peer web of trust. Creating a truly social payment experience.

"Get your hands on this gorgeous & mouth watering UI!"

- A lucky beta tester

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Kowledge is Power
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Our mission at Monetsu is to empower everyday people to both easily use and understand next generation open-source financial technology.

See how P2P payment networks function, right before your eyes!

Simulate a decentralized banking network with your friends using this expanded ruleset for boardgames. Manage a secure community ledger through a decentralized lottery, just like the Bitcoin network!

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