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Blockchain technology has shown great promise for a future of equitiable and open finance. But beyond mere transactions, this tecnology can be leveraged to create truely free and open markets for utility in the real world.

Monetsu's is an example of a fully functional decentralized blockchain application for bandwidth peering. It implements Monetsu's committment to the mainstream appeal of blockchain technology through:

  • Responsible management and custondianship
  • Legal & regulatory compliance
  • Environmental sustainability

Versatile solutions
Custom blockchains for businesses & organizations

Embracing a multi-blockchain paradigm

As a leader in blockchain technology development, Monetsu supports the existing financial services industry in developing complementary blockchain infrastructure to incease security and reduce costs. Monetsu serves existing and new financial firms through:

  • Undetrstanding of the full sprectrum of potential for blockchains
  • Engineering and developing white labelled and private technology
  • Customizing blockchain technology for specific aplications

Blockchain Technology
What's so great about them anyway?



Blockchains are secure and continually reconciled cryptographic ledgers that ensure data integrity down to the last second and byte. This highly secure way of storing data means secure distribution and consensus on even the most sensitive financial transaction data.

Open Access


When used as records for tracking public digital assets, blockchains provide independent and open verification as well access to accounts and system usage. This public means of transacting through a digital community ledger opens the world of advanced and finance to all cultures and peoples of the planet Earth.



Transparent and trusted systems for all manner of financial assets create the opportunity for sound financial models and decentralized system adminstration. Blockchain technology can be used to prevent the perpetual deficit of debt based credit systems and eliminate the need to externalize the cost of corruption and fraud onto future users and the environment.

"Blockchain technology is pretty much the best thing ever!"

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Our mission at Monetsu is to empower the world to both easily use and understand new open-source financial technology.

Now you can see how blockchain technology works, right before your eyes!

Simulate a decentralized banking network with your friends using this e-book, which details an expanded ruleset for boardgames. Use these rules to manage a secure community ledger through a decentralized lottery, just like the Bitcoin network!

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